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I'd like to get some input from Social Studies educators, out there, on what you are doing in Web 2.0.  Please share the apps you are using and a little about how you are using them.

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Becky, I'd suggest you check out the following:
-NCSS Community Network (Ning): Visit the "Teaching with Technology" Group where social studies teachers share Web 2.0 resources and ideas. Progressive teachers on the network include Jeff Williams, Dave Bill, Michelle DaSilva, Angela Cunningham, Chuck Taft, Marcy Prager, Jonathan Chase, Michael Hutchinson, and others.
-Greg Kulowiec's "History 2.0" classroom is very progressive:
-Paul Bogush does wonderful work with Web 2.0 in his MS history classroom:
-Beth Still is terrific:
-Matt Montagne does great things with Web 2.0:
-some of my Web 2.0 projects are detailed here:
-and here at the Center for Teaching History with Technology
-Russel Tarr of activehistory in the UK is full of resources and ideas:
Thanks so much for this wealth of info. and for taking the time to share. I am sure that I am not the only one, here, who will benefit tremendously.

I use mini chat rooms such as Chatzy or Tiny Chat or Cover It Live when I am showing a long video in class to have continued discussion. This is also known as backchanneling.
This is a really neat idea! I didn't think of allowing the kids to backchannel and I'm not sure about it at my level - junior high - but it's something I, now, can think about and try to determine if there's a way to make it work.

Thank you,
Our SS students use glogster to create on-line projects with a variety of media (pictures, videos, sounds, voice threads etc). Our teachers have found that the students really enjoy it and that it is relatively easy to manage. We also use skype, google earth and twitter in the classrooms.
I haven't used Glogster, yet, but have explored it a bit. I do think it has some great possibilities in the SS classroom, especially, at the junior high level. Thank you for bringing it up and confirming that it is being used, currently, in SS.

I have used I used this with the American Revolution unit. I had all the students pick a topic from a list created by myself to create a glog about the American Revolution in North Carolina. The students used all kinds of images, video, audio uploads to tell me the importance of the event, battle, person, document or place. I will be doing this again with the Civil War Unit and agian for the Post WWII era. I also use this web 2.0 activity for a reading class to help students visualize books. They must include charactors, plot, setting, theme, time period. The kids love chatting with each other after they view the work done by fello classmates. I use glogster as a plce to upload quizzes, links to great sites, and extra credit activities.
Thank you, as well, for the specific example of how you used Glogster. I might be in touch about getting the list of topics, if you don't mind.

Thanks, again,
Here is a list I used for the American Revolution and my list of topics we will use with the Civil War.
I am not a Social Studies educator but I would think that the use of Web 2.0 tools would be based on what one is attempting to accomplish. For example if one wants to create a collaborative graphic organizer to better understand historical information one might use a web 2.0 tool such as If one wants to create a quiz, one might use a tool such as Quizlet. If one wants to edit text collaboratively one my use Google Docs.
Thank you for the ideas. I hadn't seen, so I really appreciate you mentioning it. I do, really, like Quizlet and Google Docs!




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