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Lower Elementary Reading and Listening Comprehension Resources

I have three things to share in this post:

  1. A somewhat comprehensive (with respect to reading comprehension skills) book report for first graders. I rolled this out to them after having taught all of the skills at the beginning of the second semester. Also, I admit that it lacks a predictions section.
  2. The same as above for second graders. I have used this document for my readers who are above grade level.
  3. A whole bunch of mini stories and comprehension questions making use of reading strategies and skills. I usually do one per day, pushing students to justify their answer choices with text-based evidence. I read the story, and then as I read the answer choices, students put an X or a check on letters of answers that sound right or wrong, and then go back and circle the best answer after I've read all four. I've also just started teaching them to underline 2-3 word phrases in the story that seem like they are important as I read it.


All three documents can be found here:


I hope you find this useful!

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