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Hi everyone,


I've put together some math process charts, which are meant to serve as a visual reference for students and a teaching aide for teachers in an effort to streamline lesson planning and teaching more concisely. Re-drawing them on poster paper, optionally laminating, and hanging them up during and after the lesson will help students become independent faster with respect to these processes. If a student continues to struggle, printing a copy for them to keep may help. You can find links to download them at
Skills covered include:
  • Basic Addition
  • Basic Subtraction
  • Solving word problems
  • Telling time
  • Patterns
  • Counting coins
  • Making change
  • Addition with regrouping
  • Subtraction with regrouping
  • Basic Multiplication
  • Basic Division
  • Advanced Multiplication
  • Advanced Division
I hope you find them helpful!

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Awesome - thank you for sharing!


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