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Any suggestions on trying to get teachers interested in giving PD sessions?  The response I get it just a 'whatever'.  I've tried involving them, asking them what they think, asking them for what potential sessions they can do but there is a real reluctance for them to be involved.  They just don't seem to see the benefit.





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If teachers received praise for their successes and were supported when they attempt change, the Admin, teacher and PD thing might come together. Asking teachers to present and share best practices of lessons might encourage others to try. Additionally, instead of supporting Merit Pay, which is proven not to work, take the same funds and pay teachers to share their best practices. A great reward and support for their efforts. It also models the desired outcome.
Thank you Thomas! Some excellent suggestions and you've offered some good alternative advice. Watch this space!

5 Ways to Redesign Your Professional Development to Motivate Teachers and Increase Student Achievement

Put this together last week. I think you will find it useful.
Many thanks for the interesting article Amanda! It was very useful. Best wishes and regards Mary
Glad you found it useful. :D
Please join us in a collaborative article that invites teachers to re-imagine what teacher pd might be. We ask, What would Yoda do? Details can be found at:
Initiating contributors are: Rodd Lucier @Cleversheep; Ben Hazzard @benhazzard and Kathy HIbbert @khibbert
We are gathering your contributions via twitter using the #wwyd
Our district recently (December) solicited all secondary staff members to apply as presenters for a full-day conference break-out style PD event. Over 40 staff presented (45 minute sessions) everything from how to end a lesson to ways to be more digitally connected (mine!). Admin supported them with extra pay and recongnition afterwards! HUGE success built from the ground up! I led my own and supported two other teachers as a co-presenter...good peer-to-peer support!


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