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I'm looking for comments, experiences, blog/article recommendations - anything related to teacher merit pay that may assist Australia in making decisions over this very curly issue.


All constructive comments and recommendations appreciated

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I have a classmate at Uni who is researching this for a paper. He trained in economics before becoming a teacher. As part of this research subject that we are doing, we provide peer feedback. Next time we do so, I'll have to see if he is interested in joining this PLN.
I'd be interested to know if he's able to share any of his research

Hopefully he can. We have not heard back from him yet, but I'll have a chat to him at the next workshop if he is there. 


I'm absolutely opposed to the concept - that's my opinion. Take a look at what Joe Bower, from Red Deer, Alberta has written.
Thanks Alan Good take on the issue. If you come across anything else-partic research pls let me know.


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