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Use this discussion forum to give us a link to your blog and what the main focus of your blog is. You can also add what you teach and where you teach so others who share a common role can connect with you!

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Teching Around with Web 2.0

My blog was created for my final regular graduate course in my MEd program. I focus on technology, 21st century literacies, and a few random educational thoughts. I wish I had time to blog every day, but my K-9 teaching and teching learning coach responsibilities keep me quite busy. I enjoy reading blogs via my Twitter PLN.

Carol Tonhauer
Learning All Ways

I am a third year pre-service teacher at the U of R. I started my blog this semester for one of my education classes. I am trying to focus my blog on 21st century learning, web 2.0, and other issues in education.


I teach EFL in Istanbul, Turkey. My current students are young learners but I've also taught teenagers and adults. That's why you can find tips on teaching all age groups on my blog. As I'm not Turkish but Polish, there are some cultural pieces to be found there as well.

So here it is:

Hope you'll enjoy it.
I am Mike Kaechele, a middle school technology and math teacher in Michigan, USA. My blog is I try to make my class as paperless and textbookless as possible. I believe in student-centered project learning and collaboration. I blog about what I am doing in my classes and my thoughts about education practices and philosophies. I am concretekax on Twitter.
iTeach Language Arts at a charter school in Philadelphia by day and English Composition at a local college by night. Some where in between, I blog. My blog focuses on web 2.0 lessons, technology integration for teachers and random rants about life. I hope you stop by and pick up some new tools for your classroom! Enjoy!
Hi there!

I teach on a Metis Settlement in Cold Lake, Alberta. The blog I created is called techtips4teachers and it was to help teachers use technology in the classroom. In my school and in my division I offer my advice and "expertise" (really just what I have picked up over the years) and help out others where I can. On my blog I have done screencasts and other posts about using tech in the classroom.
My name is Tracy Lee and I am currently a tech integration/literacy coach and administrator at a 1 to1 laptop charter school in Chicago. I started blogging as a way to capture my thoughts and reach other teachers about the value of integrating technology authentically in the classroom. Here is my blog link- feedback is welcome!
I am an English teacher in Brazil. I´ve only started blogging very recently, so I´m still trying to figure out my own blogging style. All comments are helpful and welcome.
I started the blog to write my reflections on education and English language teaching. I also think I´ll be posting my first opinions after #edchat on Tuesdays. When I created the blog, I didn´t really have anything big in mind - I just wanted a place where I could voice my opinions and discuss them with others. I´m also considering sharing some of the activities I design to use with my students.
I am a middle-school humanities teacher at a charter school in Virginia. I blog on class roots reform and authentic engagement at I also welcome contributions from educator and community partner guest bloggers engaged in work to make education personally meaningful to all students.
I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist in Plainville, CT. My focus is on the elementary level, grades K-5.

My blog, Bits 'n Bytes, is at: It's meant to be a communication tool to share information and news related to technology use and integration with the elementary teachers in my district (and anyone else interested that stumbles across it), as well as sharing some of the best and most useful websites I've found or read about.

Prior to this school year it was called Tuesday Tech Talk, and geared only towards sharing websites. This year I stopped doing my print newsletter for them, and generally put it all on the blog.
I am a brand new primary (K-6) teacher and a brand new blogger from Australia. I blog at Not sure where my blog is headed at this point but I wanted a place to record my reflections and growth as a teacher. Love to read and learn from the inspirational blogs of the members of The Educator's PLN and the educators I follow on Twitter.
I have three blogs: Teach with Picture Books for upper elementary and middle school teachers who use picture books in their instruction, How to Teach a Novel for teachers in grades 3 and up who regularly use novels to teach reading, and Teaching that Sticks, which is a catch-all for cool books, sites, and activities. I've never felt compelled to blog every day, and certainly never on a schedule. I blog what I feel is of real use or interest to my colleagues.


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