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I am presenting at a technology conference this week and am looking for your list of the top ten social networking sites for k12 teachers.  What are your thoughts on what should make the list and why...


Thanks in advance

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This reply is probably too late, but I like LinkedIn. For an assignment in college, I had to join a teacher's network and interact with other educators, writing a report on my experiences and what I learned. I found that LinkedIn was the only network that teachers actually replied to posts. I think many of us are too busy and don't have time/forget to check back. Because of LinkedIn, I was able to fulfill my assignment.
Well, this is a little niche, but I work for Appolicious, an iPhone app recommendation site, and we have quite a collection of best iPhone apps for education lists from educators. Check it out here:
Appolocious is cool, my two thumbs up for it as well.

Oh its a sizzler.

More info is needed. Is this for K-12 teachers to use with students in class? Is this for K-12 teachers to interact and collaborate? Is this to be an open site or a closed community?
I'm afraid this is late, but this might come in handy: It's a short list I recently created for a graduate technology course this semester. I focused mostly on social networking sites, collaborative tools, and communities that educators can use for professional development. There are annotations included that explain what the social networking site is about and how it might be used in an educational setting.
Hi Craig - I know that this is a little late for your request, but thought I would bring the site we developed to your attention since it was developed as the outcome of research with teachers and students. It is called: The Salty Chip: A Canadian Multiliteracies Collaborative Although only very recently launched, it was based on six years of work across a number of projects. You can read about it on the blog,
My preservice language and literacy teachers were the first adopters, and really like it. International partners ( are working on projects with students right now and will be uploading their work in the next month. I have also been contacted by Faculties of Ed across Canada and in Australia in particular, to plan collaboratively so that we might have our students work on developing multiliteracies practices together. The site was designed to bring novice teachers into a social networking system gently, and as we design and redesign our work, the community votes will ensure that the best resources will always rise to the top.
I welcome all to take a look and offer feedback. We will continue to redesign and improve based on the needs of the community!
I know late reply but here are my favorites - classroom 2.0, facebook, linkedin - (teacherlounge), teachernet.
Check this out- Its a social networking platform for K12 and more
I read about elgg on I just happened to read this which explains why Social networking is so big in the States and other countries as well.( If 10% of the teenagers use 10% of time they devote on Social Media for learning, imagine the huge advancement made.
Microsoft's Partners in Learning Network. It's a free networking and resource site for educators. Check it out:
edmodo is a good tool to teach kids to social network in an appropriate way and it's safe.


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