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I don't know about you but the biggest problem for me when it comes to blogging is posting. Right now I am using posterous as it is incredibly convenient for me. Even then I still struggle to post on a fairly regular basis. What service do you use and when is the best time for you when you want to post? As a beginning blogger what should I shoot for in terms of posts?

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I use Blogger for my blog, which allows me to work on a post and go back to it, adding and editing until it's ready for publication.

I think that how often you post depends on the purpose of your blog. My blog is a 'thoughtful' blog, so my posts range from twice a week to once a week to once every 2 weeks, depending on what's rolling around in my brain.

If you are a 'resource tweeter,' your posts will tend to be shorter and more often. Really, you have to do what you're comfortable with. I don't want my blog to stress me out. I started writing it to relieve the stress of the obstacles, pressures and trials and tribulations of being a teacher.

I tend to work on my posts on the weekend unless I just HAVE to get something out.

That's my 2 cents! Hope it helps a little.
Thanks Mary Beth. I really try and set aside some time to post but you're right I think I have to really set a purpose for my blog. Right now its between thoughtful and resource driven. I have to really consider this.
Hi Ieewin, and all,

I have two blogs on Blogger and one on Tumblr and I don't really have a schedule for posting. My main blog is on blogger and posts are usually reflective -originally I was going to write about what I was reading and learning and how I felt about those things and then maybe, occasionally, about teaching. I didn't want to start a teaching blog. Lately I've been writing quite a lot about teaching!! :-)

My second Blogger blog was meant to be a students blog but they were not interested so I adopted it and had no idea where it would go -it already had a name, and I felt a bit limited by that...It was supposed to be about travelling (fiction or real). i wrote a couple of posts and realised it wasn't me at all. So I left it there. Then one day I found a photo that triggered ideas -basically, that journeys are not always physical, and it began to take shape. Another day I was plurking and someone mentioned a cat video on YouTube and somehow a story in installments began -each installment happened whenever I felt inspired, or when I saw a photo or something that made me think of the story. I even changed the layout of the blog one day because it wasn't suiting the purpose too well anymore.

Blogging for me also includes the space on each side of my posts; sometimes I may not post but I add a link to a slideshow I saw and liked, for example.

Tumblr works in a different way; you have your blog and your dashboard and they both look completely different. I don't really post regularly there, and mostly what I do is reblog posts I like from the people I'm following (reblog is a feature of Tumblr). It's beginning to have some direction, and I'm finally happy with the layout, but it's still very "free" -it's a mixture of scrapbook, personal diary, notepad...

I think what I'm trying to say is that blogging for me just happens -I'm not the sort of person that can schedule a time for writing. Then again, as Mary Beth says, it probably depends on the kind of blog you keep. I found it useful to follow the advice I was given when I opened my first blog and state the purpose of my blog somewhere near the name. That gave me a starting point: "this is my blog and here you'll find this and that and maybe this too". You can always go back and change the information if your blogs starts going in a different direction (I did that with my second blog).

I hope this isn't too long and it helps


PS:Maybe you can start using the blog here and see what happens -posts can be a lot more flexible and don't really need to form a coherent whole as much as a stand-alone blog.



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