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One of the common problems that many bloggers have, and especially new ones, is that you write your heart out and nobody comments.  Is anyone even listening to what I'm saying? goes through your head!

While there are a number of ways to try to engage your readers (polls, asking questions, trying to be controversial, begging), one of the most successful ways we've found to get reader interaction is to give something away and asking your readers, in a contest-like setting, to tell you how they'd use your freebie if they won it.

This "forces" people who want the freebie to comment.

See here for an example of what we've done in the past:

Now, before you say to yourself -- "Self, it's easy for him to say that.  He's with an edtech company and he's got loads of things to give away."

While that's true, everyone -- even if you're a teacher with no commercial interest at all -- has something to offer.  Here are just three ideas to get you started:

1.  To win 30 minutes of my time to consult with you on __________, tell me how you'd use X in your lessons plans.

2.  We're having a contest... First five people to comment here about my post on _____ get a chance to go into the drawing for a copy of ___________ (latest book you read and you'd planned on donating to your local library).

3.  Provide a three sentence comment here on _____, and my class will vote on the one that's the most engaging, and I'll send you a set of my _________ lesson plans.

Lots of ways to take this.

Get creative, and you'll get comments.

Good luck!

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That's a fun idea! Thanks!!

I used to wonder a lot if anyone was reading my posts when I started blogging and used polls (recipe for disaster...only one vote from a friend) and I also enabled the rating system in blogger (check a box: interesting, etc) -even more frustrating. Finally I chose to include a visitors map and it worked for me. I don't stress about whether my latest post has been read or not, and it's nice to see where visitors read my blogs (or at least click on its link).



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