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I started to blog.  I have wanted to for a very long time but did not feel as if I had a place.  Well, I finally bit the bullet and jumped in.  My idea is simple...I want to very quickly share new web 2.0 tools that I find.  I purposely make my posts very short and always add a sample.  I keep the posts short because I know how busy educators are. 


I would love some feedback.

I always post my new posts on twitter but other then that I have no idea how to get the word out. 

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Beautiful and neat layout. Easy for the eyes. Great and useful posts.

The site looks good! I checked out some posts.


I definitely recommend you go to the Blogger gadgets and add a search function above your bio. That will increase your site's functionality.

I love this resource!  As a relative newbie, I'm always glad to find a compendium of resources that an expert has already vetted and approved.  Thanks for sharing......I've already passed several of your finds along to my teachers.


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