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Jules Verne School is working with David Pearson's research about comprehension, our community is constructing meaning beyond the text. Our teachers have been learning how to teach comprehension, since in our traditional way of teaching, it was assumed that a child understood meaning as long as the learned to read. My research on this, led me to look for new alternatives, and I found Mrs.Briske, a Canadian teacher to motivate me to get in deeper in this "reading matter".  For 4 Years we have been working this comprehension strategies with amazing results. It is not abut how many books you read, it is all about how you become part of the story!!!

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What grade level(s) do you work with? This is the kind of research that is transforming how we teach at the secondary level, for sure! what strategies are you using?
We are working with K-12 children and teachers. I am sure that teaching them metacognitive reading strategies will change the way children will read. We are connecting, questioning, inferring, visualizing, synthetizing, evaluating, and choosing information. And what about you?
Where are you teaching at?
I work at the secondary level. I just stepped out of my middle school language arts classroom after 20 + years, and accepted a position of gifted support teacher/critical thinking curriculum coach.
Metacognitive reading strategies are just beginning to make themselves known in our tiny part of suburbia. I feel that there must be a wealth of resources "out there," but I get frustrated with the search.
Kylene Beers' book, "When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do" is my go-to resource right now.
I am constantly amazed at the number of "honors level" students who cover for the fact that they have low comprehension skills by reading faster and with beautiful fluency.
In Mexico, this strategies are really unknown, people still is thinking about how to make children love to read, and I am trying to share what I know, but it seems not that easy. I feel this is the key for future readers.
I will be happy to share with you what I know, we can even share a blog with our students, I've got 12-13 years old, they may start a book discussion sometime.


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