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After writing my students' reports for their parents to be informed about their progress in the learning of the English language, I decided to share my queries as to the factors to consider when measuring their progress. 

I've created a WallWisher  so as to collect some recommendations for this task. Feel free to join:

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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Great idea, Marisa!

Will you also be adding the questions that you already ask? I'd be interested to know.

Also, what age learners are you assessing? I imagine the criteria would be a bit different for different ages, and learning goals, too.

Thanks for joining!
Thanks for your suggestion. I've been assessing 14-17 year-old teenagers. They are in intermediate and upper intermediate levels and the main learning goal is to become a competent user of the English language. Some of these students are preparing to take Cambridge First Certificate Exam.


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