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On my Teaching that Sticks blog I posted about my experience with Edmodo, a social collaboration site for students. It's similar to Ning, but looks and acts more like a Facebook/Twitter hybrid. I absolutely recommend this free site if you're seeking to engage your students in really passionate conversations about reading! So often students will want to have knock-down, drag-out conversations about topics that arise in our reading class, yet time simply doesn't allow for those. Edmodo is the perfect place for all students to voice their opinions.


What's best is that the quieter students get an equal chance to have their say, and those students who complain about writing one sentence responses in class will generate whole paragraphs and stories on Edmodo.


It's free, it's private, it's open-ended and diverse. Highly recommended!

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I agree. I have used it in my classroom since November and it is an awesome tool - you can post videos, links, documents, etc. The conversations my kids have had are absolutely amazing.
My pick of the top social media sites for students and educators would be -




And Mobl21 is more of a database for teachers and students to access information, whereas Mobl21 is a edu platform for creating content and publishing to students in and outside the classroom.
Thanks for those recommendations! I'll need to check them out.


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