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Hi, everyone,

It looks like my school may be providing tablets to each incoming freshman and sophomore next fall.  We'd forego our math and science textbook adoption, and instead provide tablets and some sort of digital content.


We won't be offering social studies on the freshman level next fall, but most sophomores will be taking World History.  That said, I would like to hear your comments about experiences you've had in using tablet PCs or iPads with students in that subject area.  What works?  What doesn't?  


Please post your ideas, thoughts, concerns here...




Michael H.



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I will be following this topic, I am interested in knowing how it goes for future use at our school.

We are just starting the process, Michael, but I can post here about how things are going. 


We have scheduled meetings with several vendors over the next few weeks to see what their products are like, and what they can offer us.  My guess is we would be distributing somewhere between 450-500 tablets, netbooks, or whatever we decide to do next fall.


That said, there are some significant issues.  For example, what we get has to be robust enough for students to use, but at the same time, can't be overly expensive.  That's always a difficult question to solve.  Also, whatever operating system we get has to be able to run any/all software or web-based product.  (Some of what we have involves using Flash, so if we go iPad, we are going to have to figure some sort of workaround.)  We have a lot of questions to answer in a short amount of time.


Michael H.





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