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Almost every student is now and then dissatisfied with his studies. Exceptions are rare. Either the curriculum is too full, the exam too difficult or the grade too bad. Sometimes the money is too tight or just the seat in the lecture hall too uncomfortable. There is always a reason to quarrel with the situation.

 But the opposite is true as well. There is always a reason to love your own studies and sing a hymn of praise to student life. And that although the exam is too heavy and the bank account is too empty. The problem is, we do not see the positive things. We in focus on the bad side and lose sight of the beautiful things.

With this article, I will help you to flip the switch in your head and look at your studies with a different perspective. Because as bad as it sometimes seems, it is not. Promised.

  1. You have to get up early in the morning, ...
    ... because that means that you start a new day, where you can outgrow yourself. You expect concrete tasks and self-imposed goals that you can work towards - even though you are still tired and would rather turn around again.

  2. You have a full day plan, ...
    ... because that means that your day is valuable and important to you. You do not waste your time, but try to use every minute wisely. It can be stressful sometimes, but you can do it in one day, what other people need a whole week.

  3. You have a long way to university, ...
    ... because that means that even a long, arduous journey cannot stop you from studying. Many other people would have deterred this hurdle - but not you. You have deliberately chosen this path and accepted the effort because you are 100 percent sure of your cause.

  4. You have to ride a bike to the university, ...
    ... because that means you can afford a bike and that you are healthy enough to ride it. There are certainly ways to travel that are more comfortable, but with daily cycling, you stay fit and independent of public transport.

  5. You have to take the bus or the train, ...
    ... because that means that your university is connected to a functional infrastructure. There are areas in Germany that have no direct connection to a train station or through which two, perhaps three buses per day travel. You have it better - even if you walk to the station or sometimes have to wait a bit because of delays.

  6. You are bored in the lecture, ...
    ... because that means that your brain is demanding and feels under-challenged by your lecturer's lecture. You now have two options: Either you are bored or you help your brain and make the situation a bit more interesting. In this article, I'll show you how to do it.
  7. You are angry about your fellow students, ...
    ... because that means that you are part of a social group and you do not have to study alone. Imagine being the only student in your degree program - would not that be awful? Of course, you do not have to make friends with any of your classmates, but you should try to come to terms with everyone.

  8. You fight with a packed student plan, ...
    ... because that means that you have decided on an interesting and varied course of study. You did not choose the easiest way and opted for a 08/15 solution that would have left half of your week off. You deserve respect for that.

  9. You learn until late at night ...
    ... because that means you have tremendous willpower and know what to do even in difficult situations. Even if the situation is uncomfortable and you prefer to party or go to sleep, you can overcome yourself and start the next lesson.

  10. You have too little time to study, ...
    ... because that means that you are not satisfied with a low load. You are looking for the challenge and need varied tasks. Subconsciously you accept the lack of time gladly, although the stress often brings you to your performance limit. In this book, I'll show you how to improve your time management right now.

  11. You have exam stress every semester, ...
    ... because that means that you take your exams seriously and they do not care about you. Maybe you could organize your exam more skilfully - but your attitude is right after all. That's a bit ahead of time you can build.

  12. You make stupid mistakes in your retreat, ...
    ... because that means you've faced a challenge, even though you were not perfectly prepared or in the best of shape. And that requires courage. Many students would pinch in such a situation and pass the exam - but not you. Next time you will do better. In this article, I'll give you 33 tips for your next exam.

  13. You have little time during the semester break ...
    ... because that means that you have to pass many exams, do an internship or gain some work experience. You consciously forgo leisure, because you want to get ahead in the study - and that will make the difference later.

  14. You pay a semester fee, ...
    ... because that means you're paying for something that's important to you. It also supports the structures of your university and promotes student self-government with institutions such as the AStA or the Studentenwerk.

  15. You get too little or no BAföG, ...
    ... because that means that your parents are earning too much and that your family is not feeling bad financially. Of course, the financial support could be slightly higher, but compared to other countries, the cost of studying in Germany is low. In the long run, you will find other ways to finance yourself.

  16. You have a side job that costs time and energy ...
    ... because that means you can work on your financial independence and earn your own money. Your job can be physically exhausting and annoying on some days, but it proves that you can cope with multiple workloads and stand on your own two feet.

  17. You need to keep your apartment or room clean while studying, ...
    ... because that means you have a home. You have a roof over your head and a place to retire when you need some rest or time for yourself. You can close the door behind you and shut out the whole loud world for a moment.

  18. You have to take care of your own laundry, ...
    ... because that means you have a lot of clothes and you do not have to wear the same thing every day. Of course, washing, drying, and ironing is annoying and takes a lot of time, but you may be able to combine these activities with a learning or sports program. In this way you do your laundry, take care of your studies and work on your fitness.
  19. Your back hurts, ...
    ... because that means that you sat diligently at your desk or in the lecture hall and worked for your studies. You take your studies seriously and are ready to go through with it. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some compensation in between. In this article, I'll show you what you can do.

  20. You sometimes doubt about yourself and your studies, ...
    ... because that means that you are self-critical and reflective. It's easy to walk through life like a blind idiot without questioning your own actions. But you do not belong to these people. You are smart and think a lot. Sometimes too many, maybe. Doubt is good because it helps you to get better. You can not rely on her one-sidedly. Let them from time to time - but do not let them defeat you. This article will boost your self-confidence.

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