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5 Tips to Help Your Child Become Self-Confident

Nurture Their Talents As They Grow Up

Every child is talented in different things, the important thing is to help them try different things and uncover what those talents are. It is very important to encourage these talents right from preschool. Focusing on a talent helps them develop their skills in that area and, consequently, this helps increase their self-worth and boost their self-confidence.



Compliment Them Often, Never Hold Back

Whenever there is a chance for positive reinforcement, do it. There is such a thing as complimenting too much, but don’t become too worried by that. Give compliments often and let them know what they are doing well, keeping in mind that you want to have a good balance between positive reinforcement and discipline.If you give too few they are more likely to become insecure, and too many and they might become overconfident (ego).



Put Your Child on the Path to Success

The world gets more and more competitive with every passing generation. Child care includes enrolling your child in afterschool programs and activities right from kindergarten. This allows them to acquire larger skill sets to choose from later in life. Enroll them in many different programs from an early age and see where they shine, both in terms of talents and happiness. If you set them up for success, they are will turn into confident adults.



Make Sure They’re Around the Right Crowd

Children are very influenceable. They need to be surrounded by the right people in order to learn to make the right decisions. If they get caught up with the wrong crowd, they could end up making decisions that are not what they really want, but what they are influenced to do. Always look to surround your child with positive influences, be it at child day care or in school.



Don’t Label Them

Labels are dangerous. As human beings, we all tend to justify the labels we are given. For example, if you constantly tell a child that they are a weak student, they will continue getting low scores because they will believe that they have a justifiable reason for doing so. The same goes for medical conditions, for example. If you keep reminding your child that they have asthma and their inhalers become a constant topic of conversation from an early age, they are more likely to both consciously and unconsciously doubt their physical abilities. They might feel more timid to engage in sports because of their asthma, and further reinforce their nonparticipation by their label of being an asthmatic.


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