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It was fourteen years ago when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both computer science graduate students at Stanford University, reached a decision after brainstorming for a new name for the internet search engine that they had designed.  The original BackRub engine which had outgrown the server capacity at Stanford was replaced with an original term that is now one of the most recognized brand names in the world; Google.  Despite the wide variety of search engine choices that are available today, if there is a question to be answered one of the most common suggestions that one will hear is “Google it”.  There are many perspectives that can be analyzed in the account of Larry and Sergey’s accomplishment, but there is a very distinctive point that is most relevant for SHS students, and other high school students throughout the world.  The Google brand and operational applications were able expand at such a rapid rate due to the emergence of global society that is now connected through digital technology.  Students of this generation were born into this digital age that has changed the landscape of education and career preparation.  Who would have thought of, or even heard of, working for Google or Facebook ten years ago?  How many students considered being an app engineer or employed in digital art design for gaming systems five years ago?  Consider this, generated electricity, the telephone, and automobile were all inventions of the late 1800’s but on average took over 40 years to mass produce so that the technology was available for the general public.  In the digital age, it only takes a fraction of this span of time to share, market, and expand innovative inventions and ideas.  As a result, students of the new millennium will encounter challenges and opportunities that are unprecedented in the history of the human race.  The competition for employment and entry into institutions of higher learning has become global, yet the access to information and networks that provide a competitive advantage is available at the touch of a screen.  Successfully navigating the landscape of the new millennium will not be determined by the traditional road map of a high school diploma and college degree.  Those who find success in the odyssey of the new millennium will do so because they are innovators, collaborators, problem solvers, and effective communicators; all of which share the common trait of being a thinker.  Every student has the potential of having the Google experience, although it may not have the global impact of Larry and Sergey’s idea.  Our mission at SHS is to foster a learning environment that promotes and encourages student engagement in, and the utilization of, skill sets that will enhance every student’s ability to successfully explore and find a niche within a global market.  This journey will not always resemble a road map to a set destination, but rather an odyssey that can only be limited by one’s determination of will and what your mind can imagine.     

Corey J Jones


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