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 ."If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." ---Anthony Robbins.

Yes, Tony Robbins is right. If a person achieves some "deeds", we all tend to wonder about him/her how s/he managed to be successful. This wonder is a result of our motivation. Because we model it. In my case, I am modelling Anthony Robbins since he has always inspired me to believe that I can do everything if I follow the true path. It is my motto that "Motivation should be one's best-friend." As educators, we should motivate ourselves first, next we should motivate our students. We should be their "mentors". How many of us keep motivating our students?

Being a teacher, in fact, means more than "being a teacher". In general terms, a teacher teaches, learns, solves some problems but s/he should also be a kind of motivator for the students. If you haven't done this before, please try it. Find your class' weak/strong points and research some good motivational work upon that matter. Then try to motivate them with an inspirational speech. You can apply some sort of activities, too. The results will be awesome!! I have done this many times and never failed! I detected the problem, made my mind and gave them a speech. After my motivational speech, we followed an activity based on the problem they faced, transmitting a positive message into their mind. At the end of the lesson, they were all content with the solution which was not something temporary. We solved a lot of problems together, by applying them into our classes as a debate and found a positive attitude out of it.

Being a teacher that's why means also being a self motivated, an inspirational" life coach" . I'm sure you have experinced that students, regardless of their age tend to find some motivational sign in common. If it is helpful, they become your fans.

What should we do?

 It is essential that we should plan how we can trigger our students for top performances in their life. Teachers should keep journals, (I keep a journal describing my Ss' capabilities based on my observations so that I can help them to be more positive.) and they should develop themselves, they should reflect these positive attitudes to their students in order to have more idealized and a positive-mind society and world. Right before the semester starts, I strongly suggest that a teacher should prepare his/her own "psychological curriculum" to be more positive, inspiring, ideal,strong educator both on personal and professional levels. We should bear in mind that If we become a light, our students will model us and success will come through. .

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