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After reading chapter 8 and viewing the ISTE NETS Standards, I made a few changes to my biography project from challenge 10 that is posted on my wiki page.  First, I took out or changed the technological tool to be used for all of the options for creating a final project that could not be done through a collaborative medium.  For example, I took out the timeline on Historia for this reason, as well as the fact that it only required LOTS.  I also removed the Puppet Pals option because it wasn't something that required as much HOTS or could be co-created.  I also changed the Photostory option to Animoto.  And finally, I had orginally posted this as an assignment to research famous Americans, but I changed it to be a project that focused on people who had been influential in the world to make it more global.  I included some guiding questions for the creation portion of the assignment to ensure more HOTS being used. 


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