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Curriculum Advising to Specific Levels


In my career I worked with adults, teenagers, and kids (8-11). From my own observations I did some work upon the levels of the Ss I taught to, the results show that if it is taught in a fun way with extra materials free from text books, the more integration and success is achieved.
We, as educators, should plan and supply more materials relating to games,literature...etc for enriching our teaching materials, enhancing our classes' atmosphere. The educators should therefore have different specializing branches, this is something more than being a curriculum advisor. What I mean by specializing is the educators should focus on some specific fields, research the ways of teaching to kids-teenagers-adults with games,literature their own context, in a more collaborative and useful way.
Instead of tailoring the books or games to the levels, there should be some certain level-target games and extra curricular activities as "magnum opus" of the ELT teachers.

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