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Here are 10 Methods That Help to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing is a serious business. Some of us just write essays as an assignment for school or college and some want to be great writers and create essays to practice their skills and deliver some work. No matter that the initial reason is, writing essays is a skill that everyone needs to have and to develop. If you believe that you are not yet a guru or creating quality essays, the following methods are for you.


Read more books

A person who reads a lot will always be a better writer than those who don’t. You can get inspiration out of books and see what good texts look like. There are so many amazing books in the world and many of them can help you not only dive into a great imaginary world but also get real a benefit in the form of improving writing skills. Moreover, you will extend your vocabulary by reading a lot.

Read other people’s essays, too, especially if you know for sure they’re good. You can find some online or ask friends to borrow their works.

Listen to criticism

You’ve probably written some essays in your life . Whether it was at school, in college or after that, you must have had some feedback. If it was for school, you had grades and teacher’s notes; if you published them somewhere, there probably were some comments. In any way, you should always listen to such feedback (only if it’s constructive, though; comments like “it sucks” can be ignored). Thus, you learn and you don’t do similar mistakes in the future.


Wake up your creativity

No matter what you write an essay for, it is always better if you write your papers with a bit of creativity. Don’t just write, for example, “My dream is to travel around the world”. Write something like “I wish to wake up in France eating croissants for breakfast, have lunch in Germany and eat dinner in Italy and to continue this trip until I see it all”. Don’t let your readers just read your words, let them imagine.

Exclude unnecessary words

A common mistake in essay writing is when people write very complicated sentences in order to sound smarter and more competent. In many cases shorter sentences can be much more suitable and effective. You’ve probably heard about a very short story supposedly written by Hemingway: “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” Whether Hemingway actually wrote it or not, the power of these six words shows that brevity can be a strong tool if used right and not every sentence should be long to convey a thought.


Use the appropriate style

Of course, you have your own personal style that can be recognized in every piece you create. However, you also should adjust to the situation. If you write an essay “How I spent my summer”, you are free to use personal style and free language; even a couple of slang expressions wouldn’t hurt that much. If you write something more serious, though, you might want to use a more complicated language and style.


Make researches

If you are not writing a personal essay about you, your thoughts or feelings, you need to make a research. Every paper backed up with checked facts and statistics is better than one without it. Besides, if you make a thorough research and dive in into the topic, you will surely create a more thoughtful and qualitative piece. So, go to a library or, at least, surf the web before you do any writing.



A huge part of creating a great essay is to plan it beforehand. You should do it after you make a research. Many students and writers rush into the actual writing part not giving enough time and effort to plan the whole thing. As a result, you can have an illogical piece with a bad structure or with no structure at all. Thus, you always need to plan! Make sure you decide exactly what you are going to write about, what points you are going to make and what conclusion is going to come out of it all.


Use your grammar

Proper English is always in style. Unless you write something that specifically requires using slang, improper grammar and some kind of jargon, use proper English. Apart from those specific cases, everything should be neat and right. Pay attention to punctuation and syntax too; some people don’t use any punctuation marks in their writing apart from periods. That is not the right way for a good essay. Always check not only the content but the punctuation, too. If you are not sure, better ask someone to check or use some software for that. There are many good programs for such purposes these days. Improve your grammar skills, too. Read books and articles on the topic.


Write about what you know

If you have freedom to choose your topics, choose something you are interested in. Thus, you will be able to deliver a more thoughtful and detailed piece as you know the topic. Moreover, you will enjoy the process as it is always more pleasant to write about something you are familiar with.

Be yourself

Personal style is very important for essay writing. If you want to deliver successful essays that people will remember, find your own voice and style. If you have a great sense of humor in life, why don’t you put in on a paper (unless you write about serious business)? Try not to lose your personality and just become another typical essays that people have seen thousand of times. Be yourself and be original.  

Essay writing is easy and at the same time very complicated. You need to formulate your thoughts and ideas in a short piece of writing and make it clever, logical and interesting. Try to start with the give tips and maybe you will find a writing talent in you.


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