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Well I really think I will. No I suppose I can't see senior management being happy but today did get me thinking. School is now open after the Snow of late however I'm still Snowed in! I can't even get the car up the drive let alone to a gritted road over 2 miles away. So faced with the tedious task of setting cover this morning I took a leaf from a fellow Twitter user I'm following (@DeputyMitchell, I'm sure he won't mind me giving a mention) and held a live online lesson with my Year 7 class.

It worked! 56 minutes of lesson through the realms of the Internet and Web 2 technology. The class seemed to enjoy it and I certainly did! I used Coveritlive embedded into a blog page. I gave instructions to the cover teacher detailing where the pupils had to go and away we went.

OK it was quite a simple lesson but as a first attempt I was extremely happy.

So it can Snow as much as it likes but I can now still provide a useful,practical lesson instead of the 'generic' cover lessons that are all 'too easy'.

P.s. Big thanks to DeputyMitchell

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