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As the new school year starts both the teachers and the pupils feel so passionate about the new education year. Pupils believe that after a fulfilling holiday rest, they will be highly dedicated to their studies. The teachers feel so excited by revising their teaching principles.We all feel and believe that we will study/teach elegantly.
As the months start following each other, it becomes apparent that both pupils and teachers start losing motivation, this is quite humane though. No matter how much humane it is, the teachers should find how to bring the motivation back.
By applying some tiny changes, we can keep both our Ss' interest as well as ours in long term.
Here are some of my suggestions I used to apply in my classes:

1. If you think you follow your curriculum with extra curricular activities yet your Ss lose their motivation, try to change your approach. e.g. If you prefer an explicit beginning then substitute it for an implicit one to arouse their attention. I'm sure most of the teachers' classes are based on CLT, try to organize a CLIL based class for one of your topics or you can try PBL with suitable topics. Make sure to keep a journal after your motivation "session" classes on" How it went ?". It can help you establish your own teaching criteria.

2. Once in a week/month bring a new song/book or you can bring something very recent(popular) for extra curricular activities free from the curriculum. The YLs and teenagers are so fond of popular things.

3. Extended Reading activities go very well with the YLs. These activities enhance their intercultural awareness plus they can define themselves easily by making up their own stories in their minds. What's more they feel the enjoyment.

4. As we are all familiar with the fact that Ss, especially YLs, love watching cartoons, films or anything interactive. Find suitable cartoons, tailor them into your curriculum and create your own activities. You will see when the students use their imagination, when they create something, they hardly ever forget them. I use watching activities for teaching vocabulary. It is also useful for classroom management since the kids are all engaged into the activity, they do not get bored easily as a result, it becomes easier for the teacher to pull their attention for affective learning.

5. Give them responsibilities. You can ask them to be your assistant. Kids love being entitled. Call them with whatever they aspire for being. In my classes, my pupils were so eager to be my assistant. They used to help me organizing the class, they used to share their thoughts on "how to set up better classroom communication" and the results were simply amazing. Just go for it, establish your classroom climate with their directions as far as they sound logical.

These are some brief ideas I kept in my journal as my teaching "criteria". We can maximize our Ss' true potential if we can establish energizing activities out of our curriculums.
From my own experiences,I realized an objective that the more we collaborate with them, the more we fill their needs.

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