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In my childhood I was one of those unlucky ones whose primary level teacher forbade speaking up, moving, walking around the classroom. We were just supposed to be robot-like students sitting in the chair and following the directions from our "teacher-commander". There were only a blackboard, a piece of chalk, ruler on the table to make sure that we all listen. We were all meant to be "silent" just watching the teacher and following the directions. No giggling, no voice, no move, and the list goes on. If we were given permission we would go to the front, with the help of the teacher, we would either retell a story or answer a question. If there was no voice, no sound; this teacher was highly respected by the peers because s/he was entitled as the ideal teacher. This teacher was considered to be disciplined.
This view may seem exaggerated though, it is how it was in 1990's.

Today, it is the year 2011, 90's are not too far away, however, there are dramatical changes in the field of education.
According to me, the main reason behind this issue is the technology. As soon as the technology started to cover every area of our daily lives, education also followed it.
I find today's kids so lucky, because they can use the technology in the classroom, there are newly set and ideal behavioural engagements. What's more experts are researching new, more flexible ways for classroom management.

Now today's teachers (which were educated in the strict atmosphere of the past) teach the kids to think critically, they encourage the kids to speculate on anything they learn.
Thanks to the teachers of the 21st century, kids can collaborate with their teachers in learning, they are invited to invent, they are given freedom to express themselves in the classroom. Almost every school uses technology in PPP which means the more integration of the technology, the more freedom and more of the chance for raising self-assured, happily grown up kids.
We raise tomorrow's teachers... I really wonder in what ways they will be engaging the technology into their classes.

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