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I pinned a great article on Pinterest that broke down numerous ideas and suggestions for project-based learning ideas that can be incorporated into the classroom. All of the ideas are broken down into its respective multiple intelligence category.

By being aware of all of the multiple intelligences that exist among your students in the classroom, a teacher can pick the best project that will tap into all of her students' knowledges and allow them to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

Here are a few projects that I think I would be interested in incorporating into my classroom, based on each intelligence:

1. Linguistic- Have students create and act out a press conference, where one student is interviewing another student who is acting as the person they researched and learned about.

2. Logic/Math- Given a list of suggested materials, have students create their own model of the specific animal they have been learning about during their research. The model should be realistic (with accurate proportions, features, etc.).

3. Spatial- Students will create a picture book for younger children on the city they have been learning about. The material and content should be appropriate for their target-audience, complete with accurate facts and interesting illustrations.

4. Body/Kinesthetic- Students can create their own dance that imitates and incorporates the musical styles and culture of the specific region they have been learning about in their research. The dance can even be taught to the rest of the class!

5. Musical-  Students will create a rap song on the disease they have been learning about as a way to educate other students throughout the school who may not know anything about these diseases.

6. Interpersonal- Students will take sides on a controversial current issue and will participate in a debate, where they are able to share their own opinions and research findings and will be able to hear and respond to the other side's ideas.

7. Intrapersonal- Students will create a daily journal on their science project they are completing at home. This journal will permit students to explain all of their thoughts and feelings they had throughout the experience and allow them to share these ideas with students from another school who also conducted the same experiment!

Naturalist- Students will take a trip into the woods to conduct artifact collecting to put together a small museum that covers the different items they learned about during class. Their museums will be displayed in the local library to help show others the artifacts they found.

These are definitely ideas to keep in mind when planning future PBL assignments for my students!


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