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Even though the challenges were somewhat challenging, this was a great learning experience. I do look forward to helping my students achieve success in the future by exposing them to some of things that I have learned this semester.

In my personal learning pathway for global collaboration I have access to twitter, personal learning network, two blog spots, skype, voice thread, wikis, RSS feed, and social media. Through this study, which could be sometimes difficult at times, I have found that the challenges have helped me the most.  The challenges have caused me to step out and discover. As a teacher, I know how important it is for students to learn hands on. This book has certainly caused me to do that. Through experimentation and trial and error, I began to figure out and use technology I had not heard of before, much less interacted with.  I really enjoyed the challenges that allowed us to work with others.  I learn so much from those who already know how to do things, but I also learn from others as we go through the process of discovery together. 

First, I would like to learn more about creating webpages for my classroom use and how to have them involved in the process.  Second, QR codes and how I can incorporate those in the classroom is also something of interest to me. Exactly what type of projects could I facilitate in order to expose my students to QR codes on hand held devices and how it can apply to content.  Third, I would like to facilitate online surveys for my students in order to improve instruction and instructional delivery. 

I was so excited about having a personal learning network that I told everyone at school.  Some of them were excited about the possibility of using this as a way to collaborate.  Others felt that it would be useful in knowing how to have a RSS Feed bringing only information that they felt was important to them.  I was asked if I could do some sort of informational workshop for them. Do not know that I am that comfortable with the technology, but I love to share and what I did not know perhaps we could find out together. It is a possibility.

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