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Response to lack of interest in classrooms

 As a response to the article I had been reading about students lack of motivation in classrooms I have been thinking about how to create engaging lessons for subjects such as English and History. I think that as teachers, we should utilise technology more productively to engage our students more thoroughly in the content. The below link has an interesting idea of presenting a classroom or class space for learning whereby the students’ interests in technology can be used to capture their ‘short attention spans’. Does anyone else believe that the idea could translate into our own classrooms and would it be beneficial for our students?

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Comment by sarah gardner on March 12, 2013 at 10:25pm


That article has a wonderful example of how to incorporate technology, art and history in a classroom lesson to capture students' attention. I think using your students' imaginations along with tactile objects in various settings  to transport them IN to history. It would definitely replace humdrum with exhilarating in any classroom!

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