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Teaching writing skills 21-st century style

Where do writing skills come in handy? If you are a student, then writing skills are probably essential if you want to pass your course and get your qualification. They are also important if you want to create social media posts that do not look as if they are written by a brainless hick. Writing skills are important if you want to create online content that makes people sit up and read. Trying to get your point across with poorly written content is like trying to build a car with cheese strings for tools. Let's look at recent tips from assignment writing service AssignmentMasters. Getting your point across is very important in sales and marketing too.

Is sales and marketing all about writing skills?

Good sales and marketing involves getting a point across to your target audience. Knowing how to do this with the written word is very important. Doing it with images and the like is okay, but the message being broadcasted is often subjective. With the written word, correctly laid out and posed, you may get your point across in a very succinct and hard to confuse manner.

How to engage with students

Do not take the stereotypical view and/or talk down to them. It is painful watching videos and reading content that seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. For example, there are essay-writing services that have video testimonials by students that are clearly people in their mid 20s. They have their cap on backwards and are talking about this “great new secret” with “check it out” parlance. Visit a college for five minutes and you can see that students are not like that at all.

Do not try to engage with students with things such as assuming they are trying to get out of work, get drunk, laid or high. Do not assume they are going to dress to be different, rebel or that they think, “life sucks.”

Engage with students by putting yourself in their shoes. What are their goals, what are their life experiences and what motivates them? Here are some examples to get you started.


- To get their qualifications

- The avoid suffering embarrassment with their peers

- To compete and succeed

- To earn the respect of other including their elders

- To enjoy independence without being a slave to routine

Life experiences

- Most chores are not routine/habitual yet and are therefore a big hassle

- Most have limited experience with children

- Most are not in debt yet

- Many have trouble managing their money and/or budgeting


- Success both now and in the future

- The ability and drive to attract a partner

- To impress their parents

- To prove their parents wrong

- To get the most out of their college/university experience

These are just brief and general insights into the mind of a student. If you have a specific target audience when it comes to students, then learn about your target audience before you try to engage with them. For example, the students that got a college scholarship for sporting achievements will have different goals, life experiences and motivations to the students that entered college to become programmers.

Tools you may find useful

Run your text through the spelling and grammar checker that is already installed on your word processor and then copy and paste your work at a rate of 300 words at a time onto SpellCheckPlus to catch things such as the misuse of commas and typos that your word processor spellchecker didn’t pick up on.

Figure out if you have used the same words too often with a word frequency checker. Submit your work via the online tool, and see if there are any phrases or any words that you may have used too often. Consider mixing your language up a little to better improve your work.

Want to rewrite some work but are afraid of doing it verbatim? Run it through a spinbot and it will change the text. Now, you can rewrite it and even if you accidentally rewrite some parts word-for-word, it will still appear original (i.e. not plagiarized).

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