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The Importance of Creativity in Education

I believe that teaching English is very enjoyable especially if I work with kids. Since the kids are receptive and eager to learn, they always welcome the new topics. When they learn a new structure, a new vocabulary or a new phrase; they are ready to use what they learnt using their creativity. Kids love creating their creativity in learning. Last year, I was teaching past simple "to be" to my 3rd graders. In the class, I realized that they created some pictures, picture stories and sentences of their own on their notebooks. They wanted to use their "authenticity", their "autonomy" and their creativity. They never stopped asking creative questions to each other, too. Here comes my aim in my classes: If I give my Ss enough time to create their own "business", they create miracle. This is what education is in my teaching principles. Last month in the RSCON3 conference, I attended Pam Burnard's session on creativity. Her session once again helped me see how necessary creativity is for kids. I will always let my Ss use their freedom to construct their own methodology in learning!

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