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Unpack, Upgrade, and Bring your Lesson into the 21st Century

This is a great website that provides educators with resources on how to revamp their lesson plans to better integrate 21st century skills.

The site provides teachers with templates they can use to better organize their lesson plans to ensure that they are incorporating 21st century skills and literacies and creating roles to empower learners in the classroom. Some of the 21st century skills the site believes in incorporating in the classroom are: collaborating, communicating, connecting, creating, and critical thinking.

For example, in their example lesson on Christopher Columbus, the writer incorporated the skill of collaboration by having students create an online video conference with another class where they contribute their ideas and thoughts on Christopher Columbus. The class further connects with a class from the Ukraine during their unit to work with one another and to share ideas back and forth.

This template is a great way to keep me organized when planning my future lesson plans!

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