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What are the 'Critical Tools' for Educators today?

This weekend, I invested in a set of Henkel knives.  I am in awe of these knives; I can’t imagine that we have managed to cook without them at all.  This morning, I cut some celery sticks for lunch – and they cut like butter. 


Living in a world of metaphors, I thought about how we resource our schools. 


Do we always identify and ensure that our students and teachers have the ‘critical tools’? 


With rapidly changing technology, which tools represent the equivalent of the Henkel knife set? 


How powerful is the impact of those tools on student outcomes? 


How much do the tools enhance the natural abilities and skills of the teachers? 


Managing limited resources in the current climate with a focus on instructional leadership is the challenge for leaders today.


What tools do you consider the 'Henkel Knives' of education today?


Can’t talk long. . . it's my turn to cook supper!

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